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Dragon Tamer Pg. 61

My sleep schedule is getting more and more messed up because of this comic series ^^; I suppose it’s a good thing I decided to work on it while I’m still off of work and school. Hopefully I’ll get enough that the last bit will allow me to slow down progress a bit once school starts but still excite all of you~! 

Honestly I can’t tell you all how exhausting this comic has been. It’s been almost a year since I’ve started this series!! Omg I can’t believe I’ve even gotten to 61 pages! I even look back to the very first few pages and am actually quite impressed with myself regarding the improvements I’ve undergone with characters and the way I draw them!

I hope to continue improving as this comic gets more complicated and comes to a close (Unfortunately that won’t be for a while)

I know, we all just wanna know about Jack and stuff, but Hiccup fans need a little update as to what’s up with him. And honestly, he’s in a bit of mental depression, under the impression that he’s just killed off the person he cares about most.

What’s gonna happen to them both? What will happen to Merida and Rapunzel? And what will happen to everyone else? Find out!

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